6 weeks in Costa Rica is not enough!

Arrived back about March 11th. Had to take some time to reconnect with life here. Different pace, different life, for sure. Had a blast down south doing exactly what I wanted….when I wanted. Fishing, hiking, walking, swimming…..

Went deep sea fishing for the first time ever…..caught a sailfish and saw lots of them. Turtles, dorado, lots to see. Went out on the “Rosa Lu” from Herradura near Jaco. 25 miles out to the Peruvian current where there were tons of fish.

Walked miles and miles when Mo was visiting…..

Drove all over the place, to the coast, to Nicaragua, to the volcanos in the north. Everywhere.

Went fishing for bass almost every day in Lake Arenal. Caught some “machata” fish…. Saw my first snake in the wild….long and black with green markings. Like a ribbon on the trail ahead of me.

Found the place for me in Tronadora, near Lake Arenal. Good village, clean, neat, interesting….lots of places to eat, sights to see, and close to Tilaran…..a small town about 5 minutes away on the flank of the mountains where the Guanacaste begins.

Took some pics, will post a few at a time on here.

Experienced a national election wherein they elected the first woman President…..

All in all a neat time away.

Friday, lightly raining.

………had a great visit with Mo, and now back on my own. Walking about Tilaran taking pics as it is lightly raining in Tronadora. (always sunny in Tilaran…..6 km away).
THIS COUNTRY IS AWESOME!!!! Went to Playa Samara a few days ago and walked the beach…..nice place, relatively undeveloped coastal area. HOT! ( near 100F)….


ELVIS…….born today way back when….before my mother…. 1935.


I miss Tom Attridge’s shrine to Elvis!  🙂  

I remember the “Aloha from Hawaii” T.V. special in the 70’s….watched it on the T.V.

My mom was going crazy……all I wanted to do was be with my friends. Couldn’t get the hype.  Dad having a beer….  🙂 

Elvis_Presley_1970 www.tributetotheking.co.uk

My best memory of Elvis was the day that he died….I was hoeing weeds at Doug Lawton’s place. In the onion field. Went to the truck to get a drink of water and heard it on the radio… crushed. Mom cried….

So long ago…  Listening to the I-tunes tonight of him. 

Tomorrow, going to ‘Dover to help Mo interview potential renters for her cottage. 

Bought a truck on New Year’s Day….a Ford Ranger. looking forward to getting it on the road. The Mini goes back to the dealer in March. 

Getting excited about the trip to CR in Feb. I think almost all things are looked after…..wanna go fishing there, do some horseback, and just “chill”….

This year looks good. things are “moving” quick. New truck, trip, new M/C coming, and more. 

MORE!    😉

Got a Netbook

I’ve been looking for a netbook computer for a while. I think I need one for “the trip”. To do banking and e-mails and such. Isn’t it strange how we think we can’t get along in today’s world without all the “gadgets”?  Just think….20 years ago (or whenever it was “pre-net”), you could go on a sojourn with just your back-pack full of clothes and such. And send a LETTER….  🙂 Anyway, after a lot of comparison, I settled on an ASUS machine that has the latest wireless tech and “Windows 7”. Should do the trick. Spent this week loading pertinent software onto it to allow the day to day to occur. While I am on that bend…..I might have to change the look of the website to allow for blog updates. (as the blog is published on a Mac…..and the netbook is Windows based.) We’ll see.

Went to the annual “chili bash” at the Byron Legion last Saturday. Had fun, Mo entered a chili but didn’t take the trophy…. (Won a “Coor’s Light T shirt).  🙂

Almost forgot to include this pic of me and 2 great buddies…..     The “Three Amigos”… someone said there was a resemblance…



Went on a “lightning” trip to ‘Dover tonight to get supplies for Mo’s Girls Christmas Party.

Plan on putting up the Christmas decorations tomorrow. With or without snow…..

Sunday in the Big City

Went out shopping today for Christmas stuff. Got a few things, still much to be found. Assisted Mo with her decorations outside and took Riley out for her constitutional. Solidified a few more details for the trip south, and began to look for a “netbook” computer, to allow me to communicate while I am there.

Met a guy today at Chapters who was riding a BMW 800 M/C. Asked him all kinds of questions, and he advised that he was “more than happy” with the bike as a “get around” cycle. Beee-utiful machine!

Great weather the last few days, nice if it would last into the New Year, but not likely. 

Got the roof done (cedar)…..and the outside work finished prior to snowfall. Looking forward to the 2009 “Chili Cookoff” at the Byron Legion this month. Entering a crock of chili (actually Mo is) for the first time. See what happens. Should be fun. 

Went over to Michigan shopping last weekend….


Port Huron, then Shelbyville, and finally Birch Run. had a nice night over, and came back with a bunch of stuff for Christmas. Had to pay sales tax at the Canadian border for the first time in a long while….

Hard to fathom the differences between Canada and the U.S. just a couple hours away….language differences, food, lifestyles….

Stopped at “Tonys” restaurant in Birch Run. All I can say is….”ridiculous!” 

Check out the “you tube” vids on the place. 😉


Everyone around me is sick of some description… cold, flu, whatever. Went to ‘Dover yesterday and stayed overnight. Mo was “under the weather” with the grippe, still, it was nice for us to get out of town for a bit. Better to be there than here, any day!  I have just about finalized my work regarding the new bike and such…..should be riding a “new mount” soon! (you only live once, so they say). Thinking of  several friends today….the Fields, Doug and Aileen, Jon and Vicci….all great people, miss them each day. Saw a nice calendar of the “Norfolk Volunteer Firefighters” today when at Roulston’s pharmacy. good photos, and a friend of Mo’s is pictured with the truck and others in a tobacco field. (great composition of picture)…

Pete (Mo’s bro-in law) is also under the weather with pneumonia, and after 3 weeks STILL isn’t right. Makes you feel good with being healthy. Hope he gets better soon, back to normal and active.

This month brings my annual “clean out” as it were… everything (and I mean everything) not used in the last year is going to the curb….recycled. Curbside recycling is the best….people that come along get to take what they need, no more, no less, and it all goes quite rapidly.



‘nough said.

Summertime Stuff

Spending most every weekend in Port Dover at Mo’s cottage this summer…..fishing, biking, walking Riley……and motorcycling! I took the course (and passed) from Fanshawe college, got my M2 licence and bought a “learner” bike. 

Been out all last week taking lessons from “the pro”  🙂  

Caught a Northern Pike  while fishing, and a bunch of perch and bass as well. Mo is learning to fish and is doing quite well at it. The pike was about 28″ long, not huge, but big enough for lunch.

c-ViewAdLargeImage “The Bike “

One weekend about three weeks ago, there was a large number of “mud puppy” amphibians dead on the beach. The best idea as to why is “avian botulism”, as there had been past die offs in Dover from this cause. I didn’t even know they were present in the lake, let alone in such numbers ( perhaps a hundred all along the beach). 

Spending each nite riding to build confidence with the bike, and have put on almost 750 km since buying it.