Got a Netbook

I’ve been looking for a netbook computer for a while. I think I need one for “the trip”. To do banking and e-mails and such. Isn’t it strange how we think we can’t get along in today’s world without all the “gadgets”?  Just think….20 years ago (or whenever it was “pre-net”), you could go on a sojourn with just your back-pack full of clothes and such. And send a LETTER….  🙂 Anyway, after a lot of comparison, I settled on an ASUS machine that has the latest wireless tech and “Windows 7”. Should do the trick. Spent this week loading pertinent software onto it to allow the day to day to occur. While I am on that bend…..I might have to change the look of the website to allow for blog updates. (as the blog is published on a Mac…..and the netbook is Windows based.) We’ll see.

Went to the annual “chili bash” at the Byron Legion last Saturday. Had fun, Mo entered a chili but didn’t take the trophy…. (Won a “Coor’s Light T shirt).  🙂

Almost forgot to include this pic of me and 2 great buddies…..     The “Three Amigos”… someone said there was a resemblance…



Went on a “lightning” trip to ‘Dover tonight to get supplies for Mo’s Girls Christmas Party.

Plan on putting up the Christmas decorations tomorrow. With or without snow…..

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