November 2012

Wow…..haven’t posted for quite a while. Still modifying the house in Port, driving to Toronto and Detroit airports, and trying to rent out the place down south. Trying to update the site here, and will get back into the blog scene come winter (when the renovatons slow down a bit)……. Dreaming about getting a boat for next year.

Port Stanley stuff….

Poor weather lately, but good for getting minnows from the harbour for bait. Perfect sized shiners for perch bait later in the summer. Froze a large number so far. Nobody fishing so far……

Driving for Robert Q today to Pearson airport. And driving for Moore Water Gardens tomorrow. Windsor, I think.

Got an e-mail from Lee in Costa Rica, he and Amanda seem to be having a good time. Hard not to, I think…..

Got the garden laid out in the rear yard for vegetables, had to bring in a ton of compost, and now have to til it under prior to the planting season.

Got the M/C home from Dorchester, running well, new battery to get it going. Should be out riding this weekend.


Working Part-time | Moore Water Gardens

Working part time at Moore Water Gardens in Port Stanley.

In late March I approached Farley See and requested a part time job at his water plant nursery.  I am grateful for him hiring me on a part time basis, and am having a ball learning the ins and outs of water plant propagation and sales.

Working in the greenhouses and driving deliveries all over, each day is a blast! Great people to be around, and a varied staff ranging from high school and university kids to older and retired people like myself.

The farm has been in Farley’s family for about 79 years, and the quality of plant stock is second to none.  Lots of experience, and great customer service as well.

Nice to be in a place where people WANT to go to for a change! Miles of smiles all around.

St. Patrick’s Day

I went for the walk into the swamp with Riley.  Had a small campfire and sat in solitude, listening to the birds. Was 13 degrees out, melting tracks in the snow, and lots of mud for the dog! A nice day.

On the return, spent some time painting in the kitchen. lots of time on my hands, lots of jobs to be done around the house. St Patrick’s day they say, had a Guinness after supper. The least I could do, given that I have no Irish in me that I know of!

November 3rd

Got to the point of packing too much into each day and not writing on here at all…..spent all summer riding the bike, and doing “Tuesday night” rides with a pack for experience. Had an old fellow stop and admire my old Honda….told me it was a “vintage” bike. Kinda made me think more of it!

Sent the plans to the builder down south and am getting all in place to construct “Casa Gall” in the new year. hard to do over the ‘net, but it’s getting there. Booked the flights south, and got the car lined up. I laughed when I got the tax bill for the property…..the equivalent of $6.00  🙂

Set the final date of work, and winding down to finish up early in the new year. Just enjoying each day til then….not worrying about too much.

Father got back from Cuba this week, and will go again in January for a few months during the winter. Good for his soul, I think.

Hired a man to research the Polish side of the family….will see where that goes. (to Poland, obviously!)  LOL….

More to come later.

6 weeks in Costa Rica is not enough!

Arrived back about March 11th. Had to take some time to reconnect with life here. Different pace, different life, for sure. Had a blast down south doing exactly what I wanted….when I wanted. Fishing, hiking, walking, swimming…..

Went deep sea fishing for the first time ever…..caught a sailfish and saw lots of them. Turtles, dorado, lots to see. Went out on the “Rosa Lu” from Herradura near Jaco. 25 miles out to the Peruvian current where there were tons of fish.

Walked miles and miles when Mo was visiting…..

Drove all over the place, to the coast, to Nicaragua, to the volcanos in the north. Everywhere.

Went fishing for bass almost every day in Lake Arenal. Caught some “machata” fish…. Saw my first snake in the wild….long and black with green markings. Like a ribbon on the trail ahead of me.

Found the place for me in Tronadora, near Lake Arenal. Good village, clean, neat, interesting….lots of places to eat, sights to see, and close to Tilaran…..a small town about 5 minutes away on the flank of the mountains where the Guanacaste begins.

Took some pics, will post a few at a time on here.

Experienced a national election wherein they elected the first woman President…..

All in all a neat time away.


ELVIS…….born today way back when….before my mother…. 1935.


I miss Tom Attridge’s shrine to Elvis!  🙂  

I remember the “Aloha from Hawaii” T.V. special in the 70’s….watched it on the T.V.

My mom was going crazy……all I wanted to do was be with my friends. Couldn’t get the hype.  Dad having a beer….  🙂 


My best memory of Elvis was the day that he died….I was hoeing weeds at Doug Lawton’s place. In the onion field. Went to the truck to get a drink of water and heard it on the radio… crushed. Mom cried….

So long ago…  Listening to the I-tunes tonight of him. 

Tomorrow, going to ‘Dover to help Mo interview potential renters for her cottage. 

Bought a truck on New Year’s Day….a Ford Ranger. looking forward to getting it on the road. The Mini goes back to the dealer in March. 

Getting excited about the trip to CR in Feb. I think almost all things are looked after…..wanna go fishing there, do some horseback, and just “chill”….

This year looks good. things are “moving” quick. New truck, trip, new M/C coming, and more. 

MORE!    😉

Girls night Christmas Party

Friday night and about 20 GREAT girls are having their annual Christmas party. Can’t imagine what the conversation is about…..

All I know is that they are good friends….and having a good time together. The group has been together for years and reciprocate with a party at Lisa’s in Port Dover in the summer. Good girls, all of them.

Here at my place…..a good movie and some decent wine.

Watched  John Skow today at work…he is a good man.  He puts his heart into his judgements… impresses me constantly.

Met  Mike Barry at the Chapters store the other night. I think he is one of the best lawyers in the city….no doubt. A really NORMAL guy….and a professional as well.  Inducted into the UWO sports “Hall of Fame” about a year or two ago.   Impressive….

Tomorrow night is Steve Dubarry’s (probably spelled it wrong) Christmas party. I think that I will go with Mo, as my reasons for not going are weak. …..

Still up at 1:20 am….go figure.

Little bit ‘o snow on the ground…..not much.

Sad to see that Paul Carter died in the last few weeks….weird how you see someone every few days or so, and all of a sudden they are gone from the earth.

Listening to Bob Seger’s “Night Moves” right now…..1:30 am….

…trying to make some front page drive in news……

…livin by the sword….

……you get it.

Tomorrow gets me walking the dog… the sun.   Good stuff.  Fresh air, exercise  and all that…..

Just a few more thing to get for Christmas…and then just the seasonal food things.

…with autumn closin in….

…night moves….night moves.

Got a Netbook

I’ve been looking for a netbook computer for a while. I think I need one for “the trip”. To do banking and e-mails and such. Isn’t it strange how we think we can’t get along in today’s world without all the “gadgets”?  Just think….20 years ago (or whenever it was “pre-net”), you could go on a sojourn with just your back-pack full of clothes and such. And send a LETTER….  🙂 Anyway, after a lot of comparison, I settled on an ASUS machine that has the latest wireless tech and “Windows 7”. Should do the trick. Spent this week loading pertinent software onto it to allow the day to day to occur. While I am on that bend…..I might have to change the look of the website to allow for blog updates. (as the blog is published on a Mac…..and the netbook is Windows based.) We’ll see.

Went to the annual “chili bash” at the Byron Legion last Saturday. Had fun, Mo entered a chili but didn’t take the trophy…. (Won a “Coor’s Light T shirt).  🙂

Almost forgot to include this pic of me and 2 great buddies…..     The “Three Amigos”… someone said there was a resemblance…



Went on a “lightning” trip to ‘Dover tonight to get supplies for Mo’s Girls Christmas Party.

Plan on putting up the Christmas decorations tomorrow. With or without snow…..