Family History

Starting a new year, I will make attempts at publishing all available information on the relevant Family History pages of this blog. I’ll try to include all photographic records as well, and anecdotal information known. If you are reading this and have information concerning any of the listed families, don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact page, and submit what you have to further the family trees.

The families ( ancestral to me) are:

Gall  Preston Cambridge Ontario as well as Hamilton Ontario

Rollo  Manitoba, Canada and Scotland

Turner  Calgary Alberta Canada and Ivybridge, Cornwall UK

Sobilo/ Sabila  Preston Cambridge Ontario and Zaklikow/Momoty  Poland


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This was the address of Mike Gall ( half brother of my grandfather Joe Gall) early in the 20th century.
The house is in Hamilton Ontario


We travelled to San Antonio last week……and had an awesome time! Such a clean and interesting city.

Stayed in the King William historic area, and walked the entire downtown  for three days. Stopped and observed court proceedings at the Courthouse and met with two judges who spoke about the state of justice in that area. Interesting and very welcoming reception from them both.

Saw the Alamo, Governor’s home ( built in the early 1700’s) and lots of other interesting architecture.

Ate Mexican food at every turn, and even tried on cowboy boots! ( not for me….) 😉

A week well spent, and finished up with dinner at the Liberty bar with our hosts Mark and Gaby. A great night…..

Already considering a return in the autumn…….

The wonder of Google Earth

This house was the home of Ignacy Sobilo in 1967.

The address was found on an envelope containing a letter sent from Ignacy to his brother Ludwik who lived in Hamburg New York at that time. Ignacy emigrated from Zaklikow Poland sometime around 1915-18

From the letter it is apparent that Ignacy was fluent in Spanish, but wrote the letter in Polish. 



Got the Ancestry DNA kit for Christmas, and the results are spot on. It includes a listing of people that share the same ancestry, making it easier to compile the family tree. Whats good about it is that the majority of the matches are people with an interest in geneology and who have already done some research on their end. It has allowed me to forward the tree on the Turner and Rollo sides with connections to established family trees. Still hitting a wall with the Gaul/Gall side.