The boat……again.

Found a very small pinhole leak in the keel…… to get it welded, which involves inverting the boat and removing the motor, etc. Labour intensive for a tiny fix. 

Hopefully this will end the repair work……..

The new project

……a cottage on the “upper west side” in Port. Can’t wait to get in and begin the process. 

Seasonal view of the lake, located in a nice quiet area close to the west beach, and away from the seasonal rentals. 

Should keep us going for a few years! 

The Boat 


Took the boat out on the river to the turning basin this morning. She works just fine. Underpowered for Lake Erie, but not bad on the river. All new systems working fine, all the safety gear on board…….good thing as the O.P.P. Marine unit followed us out. Mo and I rode around for about an hour, then the weather threatened, so back home we go. 

Lots of looks from people on other boats and on shore……..’cause she’s an oldie, I’m sure. 

Anyway another test planned for Tuesday. 

New stuff…

Got the boat fitted out…

Bilge pump, lights, battery, gas tank…..

Ready to ” maiden voyage” ……..

Pulled the 1968 boat into the 21st century…..

Need a horn, and an anchor…..