November 3rd

Got to the point of packing too much into each day and not writing on here at all…..spent all summer riding the bike, and doing “Tuesday night” rides with a pack for experience. Had an old fellow stop and admire my old Honda….told me it was a “vintage” bike. Kinda made me think more of it!

Sent the plans to the builder down south and am getting all in place to construct “Casa Gall” in the new year. hard to do over the ‘net, but it’s getting there. Booked the flights south, and got the car lined up. I laughed when I got the tax bill for the property…..the equivalent of $6.00  🙂

Set the final date of work, and winding down to finish up early in the new year. Just enjoying each day til then….not worrying about too much.

Father got back from Cuba this week, and will go again in January for a few months during the winter. Good for his soul, I think.

Hired a man to research the Polish side of the family….will see where that goes. (to Poland, obviously!)  LOL….

More to come later.

6 weeks in Costa Rica is not enough!

Arrived back about March 11th. Had to take some time to reconnect with life here. Different pace, different life, for sure. Had a blast down south doing exactly what I wanted….when I wanted. Fishing, hiking, walking, swimming…..

Went deep sea fishing for the first time ever…..caught a sailfish and saw lots of them. Turtles, dorado, lots to see. Went out on the “Rosa Lu” from Herradura near Jaco. 25 miles out to the Peruvian current where there were tons of fish.

Walked miles and miles when Mo was visiting…..

Drove all over the place, to the coast, to Nicaragua, to the volcanos in the north. Everywhere.

Went fishing for bass almost every day in Lake Arenal. Caught some “machata” fish…. Saw my first snake in the wild….long and black with green markings. Like a ribbon on the trail ahead of me.

Found the place for me in Tronadora, near Lake Arenal. Good village, clean, neat, interesting….lots of places to eat, sights to see, and close to Tilaran…..a small town about 5 minutes away on the flank of the mountains where the Guanacaste begins.

Took some pics, will post a few at a time on here.

Experienced a national election wherein they elected the first woman President…..

All in all a neat time away.


…and it was rainy in Tronadora, so I got in the car and drove to the Nicaraguan border. Once there, there was a HUGE lineup of trucks with the drivers sitting underneath in the shade. Drove on the wrong side of the road until I could go no further, and the gate was closed! Apparently they close Nicaragua from noon til one each day! Went to the nearest beach, and the border is located at the end on the right. Turned about and went home.

Hiking the Volcan Tenorio

Saturday, went north and hiked the park trails at Tenorio. The Rio Celeste winds through, eminating from the rock near the summit and then northward. Few hikers on the trails which were VERY steep and difficult to negotiate, for an old guy! 🙂
Hard to envision the scale here, but the falls are at least as high and as wide as the courthouse. Absolutely nobody there but me sitting on the rocks, listening to the thunder. The colour is bright blue all along the river, from minerals within the volcano. The water is cool, with spots like small pools that are thermal and quite hot. Neat place!


West Coast Fisherman

……went to the west coast yesterday via Liberia. VERY developed along the beaches with high end condos, etc. Found a small beach with a lot of fishing boats. One boat beached and was SOO loaded with fish (Dorado, sailfish, snapper, grouper, etc), a truck backed up and they filled the truck with fish. Tried to get a pic, but was too late to catch the action. The days weather was extremely HOT and after this sight, I found a small nearly empty beach except for a few kids surf fishing….

Friday, lightly raining.

………had a great visit with Mo, and now back on my own. Walking about Tilaran taking pics as it is lightly raining in Tronadora. (always sunny in Tilaran…..6 km away).
THIS COUNTRY IS AWESOME!!!! Went to Playa Samara a few days ago and walked the beach…..nice place, relatively undeveloped coastal area. HOT! ( near 100F)….