Up close…..

This little guy, some sort of a warbler, came driving into the kitchen window early in the morning while i was having coffee……sine crash helmet!

He was knocked cold, and at first it didnt look good. His eyes were shut, but then he stiffened his legs and grabbed my finger.

I sat with him in my hand for a few minutes and he came around……opened his eyes and kept twitching his neck.

I sat him on the hammock folded on the chair and in another few minutes he took off into the forest.

Right as rain! 


 This wall of plants was put in about 3 yrs ago.

It had become leggy and thin, resulting in the need for a “ hard cut” renovation.

Oscar and his son ( the neighbourhood gardener) came over and did the dirty work. Cut the hibiscus back to about a meter high, and used the cuttings to bolster the hedge between existing plants. The cuttings are rammed into the ground in a cross like pattern and hopefully will root soon as this is still “ wet season”.

There was a feral laurel tree in the mix that was removed, and as well, a volunteer avacado tree was uncovered. It was pruned a little and should be bearing fruit in the next year or so.  The next picture shows the finished result.

This little guy ( about 5 inches head to tail) was found while cutting.

They are nocturnal and very LOUD ……

He was sleepy and slow to move, i put him on the window ledge where he seemed happy to wait for night fall.they seem to take on the colour of the background in a short time, blending in…..

….not a very glamorous pose….

Their legs are way longer than their bodies.



A sighting…..

…….found a NON poisonous visitor on the west fence line this Sunday while cutting out a feral tree.

A slender tree boa. About 8 inches long and lethargic. Neat pattern and colouring. Set him free on the edge of the forest.

This picture is from a herpetology site, and shows the difference between the boa ( non poisonous) , and a fer de lance ( poisonous).

This is the first serpiente seen on the property since 2010. The boa is on the left…..