Start of the casita!

Today, the builder staked the location of the casita, and construction is set to begin on Monday morning. The weather is awesome these last few days, and it will be hard to leave the heat. Spent most of the day getting accounts set up at the bank, (hours of paperwork….really).  Tomorrow, plan to explore Betsys farm and forest behind my place, and then spend some time with her and David in the afternoon for some brown pops.
Saw some toucans yesterday in the trees at the front of this casita, very colourful birds with unique flight habits.

Coming up on Monday

A meeting with the builder to finalize all the detail stuff of the casita. Nuts and bolts stuff, styles, paints, etc. Gonna meet Sr. Salas and Sr. Araya at Sr. Arayas house in Tilaran. BEAUTIFUL home on a large lot in a serene setting. Then off to the power and water company to get accounts set up and administrative stuff. All the not so glamorous things, but still an interesting learning experience.

What does $450.00 a month get you

……a nice cabina with two bedrooms, kitchen, 2 baths, living room and terrace……and a panoramic view of Lake Arenal. Also included is a new laundry, sattelite TV, wireless internet and pretty landscaping. Quite nice and comfortable, and close to all the things necessary in the village.

Road Trip

… the itch to go for a ride today, so went about 40 minutes away to Liberia. 35 degrees and sunny out, walked about the town and looked at building material and appliance stores. Got some gator Aid, as it was oppresive heat…. We came back home and had some lunch and talked with Michelle the owner of the property. Learning quite a bit about the building process. Yesterday we went with Alex the surveyor and saw houses built by the guy who will be building the casita. Quality product, and neat places all. Gotta see the builder and lawyer on Tuesday to ink the deal and get things going. Tomorrow we are gonna go to the Tenorio volcano and hike to the Rio Celeste for a picnic. Adios…..


…….up at 6am on Sunday, a couple of naps, and beginning the trek at midnight……we are finally here. Wound up at the nicest cabina on the hill overlooking lake Arenal……sitting at the table enjoying a beer and some wine, after walking all over the town today. Dropped off some Canadian maple syrup to my neighbours Betsy and David, looked at the property, and tomorrow meet with the builder guy to begin the process. Good weather, a bit breezy, but nice. Met up with about 6 calves lying on the side of the road during our walk, none of them over a week old…..just babies. (dog sized). Settling into the rythm, dark at 6:30, up at 6:30……