Hiking the Volcan Tenorio

Saturday, went north and hiked the park trails at Tenorio. The Rio Celeste winds through, eminating from the rock near the summit and then northward. Few hikers on the trails which were VERY steep and difficult to negotiate, for an old guy! 🙂
Hard to envision the scale here, but the falls are at least as high and as wide as the courthouse. Absolutely nobody there but me sitting on the rocks, listening to the thunder. The colour is bright blue all along the river, from minerals within the volcano. The water is cool, with spots like small pools that are thermal and quite hot. Neat place!


West Coast Fisherman

……went to the west coast yesterday via Liberia. VERY developed along the beaches with high end condos, etc. Found a small beach with a lot of fishing boats. One boat beached and was SOO loaded with fish (Dorado, sailfish, snapper, grouper, etc), a truck backed up and they filled the truck with fish. Tried to get a pic, but was too late to catch the action. The days weather was extremely HOT and after this sight, I found a small nearly empty beach except for a few kids surf fishing….

Friday, lightly raining.

………had a great visit with Mo, and now back on my own. Walking about Tilaran taking pics as it is lightly raining in Tronadora. (always sunny in Tilaran…..6 km away).
THIS COUNTRY IS AWESOME!!!! Went to Playa Samara a few days ago and walked the beach…..nice place, relatively undeveloped coastal area. HOT! ( near 100F)….

Thursday in Monteverde

….and I am on my way to the Monteverde area for a check out of whats available. Stopped for breakfast in Tilaran, beautiful day out! Met a retired Dutch couple (accountant and she a social worker), assisted them in acquiring internet and coffees, etc, then gave directions to Fortuna. Feel like a local! LOL…..Woke up to the growling of Howler monkeys (bongos) right behind the cabina. Scary until you figure out they are in the trees and just passing through. Tons of birds singing as well. Anyway, still trying to add pics to this site……computer illiterate at times.