One day closer……

To Christmas, of course!  Got all the shopping done, Mo is baking today and has the house decorated for the holidays. Carly was here yesterday and overnight…….nice to visit with her, for sure. The dog is back home, sand and hair everywhere……  🙂   

It is raining heavily these last few days, with a warning for a big ice storm coming overnight. Threatening broken trees and downed wires. 

Booked a trip to Costa Rica in February for a few days…….it will be nice to get away from here for a bit and get some sun. My father is failing, and will be moved to Parkwood as soon as a spot permits. 

Working on Monday, driving to Detroit during the day…..should be busy with travellers. 

Back yard is full of cardinals eating the sunflower seeds left over from the garden……vibrant red against the last buts if snow. 

Casita Rented…..

…..this week, and available the last 3 weeks in December.  Rented the full month of January, and again rented February and March. 

Contact me for specific available dates if you are interested in renting the casita in December 2013 and April forward in 2014.