Fresh air & Solitude

I went to the swamp recently, as I always do each year on a late winter day, to get some air and “think space”. Took my fishing bag with supplies for a camp fire and lunch, and struck out with Riley into the forest.


After a while on the trail, we encountered a flock of wild turkeys, but as they are sooo skittish, no pics….and unable to get within several hundred yards of them. Eventually found a nice spot in the depths of the swamp, and started a small cook fire. The dog played around, and I made lunch for the both of us….

P3050248 copy



It was a nice day, warm…..but overcast. A good time to think, and “wash out” the old grey matter. Not too much moving in the bush, the odd squirrel, and a group of crows that had singled us out, and were broadcasting our location throughout the forest. 

P3050264 copy


P3050268 copy

The bread was blackened, but the smell and taste reminded me of camping when I was a young kid….

Shared the beans with Dopey Dog, and sat contemplating the location.

 P3050252 copy

Riley was having fun climbing about, and I think that I really could watch her for hours, as she brings pure joy to the heart…P3050283 copy

P3050282 copy

More beans please!  🙂

Tried to catch a pic of both me and the dog, but as she wouldn’t sit still, no such luck. Can’t say I am the same kid that started this tradition in the mid 1970’s  !  

P3050261 copy

On the way back, we found a large flock of geese, and Riley thought she had suddenly become a pointer instead of a retriever….

P3050287 copy

The geese stayed absolutely quiet, focused on the dog and vice versa….they sort of looked like inverted golf clubs in the corn stubble…

 P3050288 copy

Until Riley got brave and made them all jump into the air. 

Each day like this since I started doing it “way back when “has been different. Different locations, for example (when I had my farm), but no matter what the weather, snow or no, the outcome is ALWAYS the same. Something I will have to do until I expire. Spend a few hours a year in the late winter in a quiet place surrounded by nature, enjoying the solitude and quiet. This year with a friend….

Will winter ever end?

Wednesday brought a very nice surprise to all that work at the courts. A judge’s position was filled by one of the most capable people that I know. A refreshing change from the usual political patronage and plum position handouts. I commend the Attorney General Chris Bentley for making the bold and correct decision to appoint John Skowronski to the post. In the few years that I have been friends with John, I have witnessed time and again good judgement, compassion and genuine interest in people that cross his path each and every day.  He is one GENUINE person, true to his word, and a man of solid work ethic and integrity. I trust him completely in every facet of his work. Now, with him in a judicial position, I know that the bench just became a little richer. A little more civil, and perhaps a little less stoic. A HUGE loss for the Crown’s office. Nothing but congratulations for his achievement from anyone I have spoken to… 

Friday brought Peter Downing back from Costa Rica. Seems he had a nice trip, and saw places that I haven’t. Just got to talk with him briefly, but except for a few bats in the bedroom…..all was well. Silly bugger got himself married on the beach while he was there. Congrats, Pete! ( and Stephanie). 

Mo and I went to Port Dover and stayed at her sister’s place on the weekend. Went to a performance at the Lighthouse Theatre which was a scream. It was a performance by “lookalike” artists….Ray Charles, Rod Stewart and Neil Diamond. Fantastic sounds, and a lot of fun. A bunch of the “old gals” in the town were up on stage with “Rod Stewart”, bringing fits of laughter from the audience. Really a neat theatre, and only a block from where we stayed. Lotsa fun…..

What’s with all the extra snow? I was hoping that it was over, and now more yet…

My dad came back from Cuba and is in the middle of getting a new apartment set up here as a base, busy indeed. Soon gladys will be here as well and back to working for the summer. Time seems to be flying by…

Getting ready to take the M/C course at Fanshawe College in May. Something I thought I would never do…more on that later.