Kind of a busy day, had a good Crown with me, and we got through the list in good time. The right people were “kept in” as it were. Bike still not home….maybe tomorrow. Love to go riding this weekend. Dream about it, really.

Lovely weather these last few days….should  go right through the weekend. I hope so.

Out with the “bench” and a lawyer friend tomorrow for a pint…good friends, both of them.

Still not “right” these last few days….don’t know what’s up, but feeling “off”…. seasonal stuff…..

Talked to Amanda, she is already wanting to go back to Toronto…  🙂

Two more days til Labour day weekend. looking forward to that.


Everyone around me is sick of some description… cold, flu, whatever. Went to ‘Dover yesterday and stayed overnight. Mo was “under the weather” with the grippe, still, it was nice for us to get out of town for a bit. Better to be there than here, any day!  I have just about finalized my work regarding the new bike and such…..should be riding a “new mount” soon! (you only live once, so they say). Thinking of  several friends today….the Fields, Doug and Aileen, Jon and Vicci….all great people, miss them each day. Saw a nice calendar of the “Norfolk Volunteer Firefighters” today when at Roulston’s pharmacy. good photos, and a friend of Mo’s is pictured with the truck and others in a tobacco field. (great composition of picture)…

Pete (Mo’s bro-in law) is also under the weather with pneumonia, and after 3 weeks STILL isn’t right. Makes you feel good with being healthy. Hope he gets better soon, back to normal and active.

This month brings my annual “clean out” as it were… everything (and I mean everything) not used in the last year is going to the curb….recycled. Curbside recycling is the best….people that come along get to take what they need, no more, no less, and it all goes quite rapidly.



‘nough said.