…….up at 6am on Sunday, a couple of naps, and beginning the trek at midnight……we are finally here. Wound up at the nicest cabina on the hill overlooking lake Arenal……sitting at the table enjoying a beer and some wine, after walking all over the town today. Dropped off some Canadian maple syrup to my neighbours Betsy and David, looked at the property, and tomorrow meet with the builder guy to begin the process. Good weather, a bit breezy, but nice. Met up with about 6 calves lying on the side of the road during our walk, none of them over a week old…..just babies. (dog sized). Settling into the rythm, dark at 6:30, up at 6:30……

November 3rd

Got to the point of packing too much into each day and not writing on here at all…..spent all summer riding the bike, and doing “Tuesday night” rides with a pack for experience. Had an old fellow stop and admire my old Honda….told me it was a “vintage” bike. Kinda made me think more of it!

Sent the plans to the builder down south and am getting all in place to construct “Casa Gall” in the new year. hard to do over the ‘net, but it’s getting there. Booked the flights south, and got the car lined up. I laughed when I got the tax bill for the property…..the equivalent of $6.00  🙂

Set the final date of work, and winding down to finish up early in the new year. Just enjoying each day til then….not worrying about too much.

Father got back from Cuba this week, and will go again in January for a few months during the winter. Good for his soul, I think.

Hired a man to research the Polish side of the family….will see where that goes. (to Poland, obviously!)  LOL….

More to come later.