ELVIS…….born today way back when….before my mother…. 1935.


I miss Tom Attridge’s shrine to Elvis!  🙂  

I remember the “Aloha from Hawaii” T.V. special in the 70’s….watched it on the T.V.

My mom was going crazy……all I wanted to do was be with my friends. Couldn’t get the hype.  Dad having a beer….  🙂 


My best memory of Elvis was the day that he died….I was hoeing weeds at Doug Lawton’s place. In the onion field. Went to the truck to get a drink of water and heard it on the radio… crushed. Mom cried….

So long ago…  Listening to the I-tunes tonight of him. 

Tomorrow, going to ‘Dover to help Mo interview potential renters for her cottage. 

Bought a truck on New Year’s Day….a Ford Ranger. looking forward to getting it on the road. The Mini goes back to the dealer in March. 

Getting excited about the trip to CR in Feb. I think almost all things are looked after…..wanna go fishing there, do some horseback, and just “chill”….

This year looks good. things are “moving” quick. New truck, trip, new M/C coming, and more. 

MORE!    😉