What does $450.00 a month get you

……a nice cabina with two bedrooms, kitchen, 2 baths, living room and terrace……and a panoramic view of Lake Arenal. Also included is a new laundry, sattelite TV, wireless internet and pretty landscaping. Quite nice and comfortable, and close to all the things necessary in the village.


…….up at 6am on Sunday, a couple of naps, and beginning the trek at midnight……we are finally here. Wound up at the nicest cabina on the hill overlooking lake Arenal……sitting at the table enjoying a beer and some wine, after walking all over the town today. Dropped off some Canadian maple syrup to my neighbours Betsy and David, looked at the property, and tomorrow meet with the builder guy to begin the process. Good weather, a bit breezy, but nice. Met up with about 6 calves lying on the side of the road during our walk, none of them over a week old…..just babies. (dog sized). Settling into the rythm, dark at 6:30, up at 6:30……

6 weeks in Costa Rica is not enough!

Arrived back about March 11th. Had to take some time to reconnect with life here. Different pace, different life, for sure. Had a blast down south doing exactly what I wanted….when I wanted. Fishing, hiking, walking, swimming…..

Went deep sea fishing for the first time ever…..caught a sailfish and saw lots of them. Turtles, dorado, lots to see. Went out on the “Rosa Lu” from Herradura near Jaco. 25 miles out to the Peruvian current where there were tons of fish.

Walked miles and miles when Mo was visiting…..

Drove all over the place, to the coast, to Nicaragua, to the volcanos in the north. Everywhere.

Went fishing for bass almost every day in Lake Arenal. Caught some “machata” fish…. Saw my first snake in the wild….long and black with green markings. Like a ribbon on the trail ahead of me.

Found the place for me in Tronadora, near Lake Arenal. Good village, clean, neat, interesting….lots of places to eat, sights to see, and close to Tilaran…..a small town about 5 minutes away on the flank of the mountains where the Guanacaste begins.

Took some pics, will post a few at a time on here.

Experienced a national election wherein they elected the first woman President…..

All in all a neat time away.