Cabina crazy

The cabina is finished, and ready to be enjoyed. I will be making information available to enable people to reside there on their vacation to Costa Rica, and will give more information when the plans “gel”. Suffice it to say, that my friends will be allowed to use the place at a VERY affordable rate, and their every need will be attended to!

Random shots of the Casita

The municipal guys fixing the lane

indoor laundry facility

Alexis (ladder),  Ventura  (red cap)  and Enrique install the curtain rods

Ventura, who is a welder by trade installs the door screening

a better inside pic….the laundry dries quick from the breeze through the windows…

back space looking s/w

back space looking south

back space looking s/e

mmmmmoooooo….that new grass looks good!

The neighbour lawn cutters……

kitchen at night……

The casita is finished!  A few more furnishings and it will be ready to receive guests and renters. Here are some random shots taken last week.

Here in the country, livin’ the life!

…..unable to post at my prior digs, so now in Tilaran at the internet cafe. Will post some pics tomorrow. All progressing well with the casita…..prettier in person than on the pics to date. Officially moved in today, sod coming tomorrow or Wednesday. Got the fridge, washer, and waiting for the bed to be delivered…..sleeping on the tile floor tonight!!   Pouring rain now, first daytime rain in a week, so not much going on. Cleaning windows and stuff to keep busy. Anyway, more to follow tomorrow.

Summertime Stuff

Spending most every weekend in Port Dover at Mo’s cottage this summer…, biking, walking Riley……and motorcycling! I took the course (and passed) from Fanshawe college, got my M2 licence and bought a “learner” bike. 

Been out all last week taking lessons from “the pro”  🙂  

Caught a Northern Pike  while fishing, and a bunch of perch and bass as well. Mo is learning to fish and is doing quite well at it. The pike was about 28″ long, not huge, but big enough for lunch.

c-ViewAdLargeImage “The Bike “

One weekend about three weeks ago, there was a large number of “mud puppy” amphibians dead on the beach. The best idea as to why is “avian botulism”, as there had been past die offs in Dover from this cause. I didn’t even know they were present in the lake, let alone in such numbers ( perhaps a hundred all along the beach). 

Spending each nite riding to build confidence with the bike, and have put on almost 750 km since buying it.