On My Own

Went to Leamington on Saturday. Saw workers harvesting Burley tobacco near Erieau. Looked like Cuba for a minute. Almost a lost farming practice in this country. Smoke barns all stoked up with sawdust and wood to cure the leaf. I wonder if the product is still sent to Montreal to manufacture cigars……or sent overseas. Had to marvel at the expansion of the glass houses in “Tomato Town”. The south coastline was calm, and almost always in view along route # 3.

I feel kind of “lost” this weekend, as everyone I know is “somewhere else”…..I hope they are safe and sound….

Currently making plans for my “13 weeks off” next year. (in the last year of work, you get 13 weeks all together as sort of a pre-retirement holiday). Several options are becoming apparent, just gotta figure out which one to take. My vehicle will be up for a change, as well….maybe a new Ford Ranger pickup, don’t know yet. (and possibly a Harley Davidson “nightster”)….

Amanda is moving back to London for a few months to save some money and will commute to Toronto to finish up her schooling. It will be nice to be able to see her more often, and “hang out”.

Thinking of Joe Mustos today for some reason.  Been a couple of years since he died.

Friday was Hogies last day at work. I will miss that guy. Good sense of humour, and an honest and reliable friend. We took him to lunch at the Church Key, and the Honourable Skow paid for everything. I feel guilty on that account as he seems to constantly do that. Good people all around.

M/C is in the shop getting the brakes done and a tune up, so I hope to ride again after Monday. I suggested to Mo that we go to Point Pelee in the fall for a jaunt. The Monarch butterflies gather at the point in October prior to the flight to Mexico. Something to see, I am told.

Paul Marrinan got a new job, and will be leaving the office next week. Another guy I will miss. I was feeling “down” this week as a result of these guys going, both of them are great guys. the guys replacing them are reputed to be ok as well, so I guess a change occurs inevitably…..got to see the bright side.

The last few weeks have been somewhat anxious for me, and I don’t know why. I guess the fact that next year brings  a massive change in my life might be partly the answer.

Life is so short…. and full of trepidation. I try to pull the “ripe leafs”, and make the best of each day as it comes to me.  Always will.