Sunday in the Big City

Went out shopping today for Christmas stuff. Got a few things, still much to be found. Assisted Mo with her decorations outside and took Riley out for her constitutional. Solidified a few more details for the trip south, and began to look for a “netbook” computer, to allow me to communicate while I am there.

Met a guy today at Chapters who was riding a BMW 800 M/C. Asked him all kinds of questions, and he advised that he was “more than happy” with the bike as a “get around” cycle. Beee-utiful machine!

Great weather the last few days, nice if it would last into the New Year, but not likely. 

Got the roof done (cedar)…..and the outside work finished prior to snowfall. Looking forward to the 2009 “Chili Cookoff” at the Byron Legion this month. Entering a crock of chili (actually Mo is) for the first time. See what happens. Should be fun. 

Went over to Michigan shopping last weekend….


Port Huron, then Shelbyville, and finally Birch Run. had a nice night over, and came back with a bunch of stuff for Christmas. Had to pay sales tax at the Canadian border for the first time in a long while….

Hard to fathom the differences between Canada and the U.S. just a couple hours away….language differences, food, lifestyles….

Stopped at “Tonys” restaurant in Birch Run. All I can say is….”ridiculous!” 

Check out the “you tube” vids on the place. 😉


Everyone around me is sick of some description… cold, flu, whatever. Went to ‘Dover yesterday and stayed overnight. Mo was “under the weather” with the grippe, still, it was nice for us to get out of town for a bit. Better to be there than here, any day!  I have just about finalized my work regarding the new bike and such…..should be riding a “new mount” soon! (you only live once, so they say). Thinking of  several friends today….the Fields, Doug and Aileen, Jon and Vicci….all great people, miss them each day. Saw a nice calendar of the “Norfolk Volunteer Firefighters” today when at Roulston’s pharmacy. good photos, and a friend of Mo’s is pictured with the truck and others in a tobacco field. (great composition of picture)…

Pete (Mo’s bro-in law) is also under the weather with pneumonia, and after 3 weeks STILL isn’t right. Makes you feel good with being healthy. Hope he gets better soon, back to normal and active.

This month brings my annual “clean out” as it were… everything (and I mean everything) not used in the last year is going to the curb….recycled. Curbside recycling is the best….people that come along get to take what they need, no more, no less, and it all goes quite rapidly.



‘nough said.

What’s New?

Got the bike back, and have been thinking of getting a new one. Ok, Ok….they said this would happen! 🙂 Had the “beater’ for a couple months, did some repairs, learned a few things….and now want to “graduate” to a new machine…


PTOOEY to Geoff Beasley!   🙂

I’ve been thinking of a couple bikes. Thought I might like a “Harley”. Talked to some friends, and they say that the ride is “not comfortable”. Given my age…..and the years are not going backwards….this is not good. Then I layed eyes on the Honda “Veradero”…..   but the reviews nix this one.


Sooo….tonight I trekked to the BMW dealer. OK, OK….”upper end”, I know. BUT…..if I am gonna get a bike to do some travelling with, then maybe this is an option. I really think that for my size, skill and funds…..the 800 ST might be the “one”. 

Another thing….I was gonna have to buy a vehicle in March after my lease runs out, and thought I might get a Ford “Ranger” pick up. (new). But after being “hooked” on the M/C thing……..maybe I should look at getting a new M/C, and a used truck. ??.

Dont know… images-1images-3

Also playing on my mind is the fact that there is a nice farm in CR for sale at a good price. Close to my friends in Monterrey. Do I go out on a limb and buy both? LOL…..

All I know….is that in the next year, things will change DRAMATICALLY!

This week has been a revelation for me. Each night without walking the dog is “killing” me,  as we are all off doing other things. ( as I need the exercise) ….making me re-evaluate my situation. Looking at doing some house repairs, and cleaning up the yard, etc.,  renovating some rooms, reading a bit, (work…ugh) …filling my time” as it were. 

…met an old friend the last couple nights at the coffee shop, and after talking with him, it becomes apparent that “life is short” …..and that I should take advantage of opportunities and capitalize on things as they present. 

Sure hope the weather holds out for the next month…so I can ride!

A few steps closer to staying in CR in February for 6 weeks…just gotta find the right place to rent. 

That would do me good…..clean out my head, let me find out if living there in the winter is gonna be good. Fishing, birding, horse back riding….maybe rent a M/C….

Anyway, to work in the A.M.  Stopped on my route this morning by “crime scene tape”…due to a stabbing on the Queens Ave bridge. Had to ride the bike through a detour in a historic area on the way to work. NICE!  have not gone that way before….hard to believe that a criminal act would lead me to a nice place like that. Hope the guy in hospital gets better, and that we catch the real bad guy. 

Enough said.


Brings a trip to the BMW dealer, and perhaps a “test ride”. Also a coffee outing with my dad, as I haven’t seen him in a while. 

I am “crazy” happy right now….Can’t say why. 🙂  A phone call can do wonders!

Mike’s birthday today in Ottawa, sent him some coin…..just “yesterday” I can remember him about 5 yrs old….. sure miss that time in my life, kinda sorry I was working shifts, and missed a lot of his “growing up”. Water under the bridge…..

Planning my trip to Costa Rica in February. The plane fares are incredibly low right now. Should book in the next few days. then, just a matter of getting a place, and the other things like a vehicle and stuff…. 

My friend Peter Downing and his family will be in Costa Rica in February as well, so I will be sure to connect with him when I am there. He and I are “in a race” to see who gets to their “place in the sun” first!  LOL….

We both have been bitten by the “bug” that is CR…..hard to describe to someone that has not been there.

I think that I will also try to connect with a “blog buddy” when I get there. Jen from “a new life in costa rica” puts out a quality blog for sure! I would like to meet her and her family, and “trade stories” as it were. 

Read a story today where a lady was killed in Mexico. She had a blog, and recently met a young man and blogged about it. Apparently, police there arrested a young man and charged him with murder. Just goes to show that the internet….although neat and vast, can also be a magnet for weird people as well. Gotta keep vigilant, and always “go with your gut” when you meet people. That’s the cop in me coming out…..  🙂 

Amanda should be back in town tomorrow….would like to get together with her for a bit. Miss that kid!  

Thank God for my friends in life….specifically Matt and John S. today. they are both good guys!

Sent my info off to the MTO via Fanshawe College yesterday, as the “Drive Centers” are on strike. Should get my licence updated to the M2 level…..

Also, ran into a friend who applied to “Westjet” and got a part time job, and she advised me that there are jobs available for guys like me after retirement….with free and/or cheap flights as a bonus. Will look into that. Thanks, Maria!

Anyway….enough said.