Once in a long while…..

…..Something happens to you that leaves you thinking. 

The other day, I was out on the boat, alone, trolling on Lake Erie. About seven kilometres from shore. It was overcast, flat water and overall, a peaceful and quiet time. nothing but water in every direction. I saw a small black dot appear on the horizon, approaching the boat at a speed. 

This little bird landed on the downrigger, and literally collapsed, wings spread.

He sat there for quite a time, then got up and began to explore the boat, eating small dried insects found here and there. This little guy had no fear, and began to explore me! 

He sat on my shoulders, climbed up my back, sat on top of my head and landed on my outstretched finger. He literally accompanied me for about an hour, sitting everywhere on the boat and all over me without the slightest fear. Then ,as fast as he arrived,  he hopped up to the highest point on the boat, looked back once, and took off over the water towards Ohio. The little black dot disappeared on the horizon……

Googled the description, and identified him as a Ruby Crowned Kinglet. They winter in southern Mexico. 

I wondered, did he ever think our paths would cross when he stared out that morning? 

I know I didn’t! 

Trust is a funny thing, both he and I had it for that fleeting time, on the water , a long way from home. 

Fish catching machine!

This is what a lot of money buys to power an old boat to catch a fish…….

……and this is what the equivalent of a 24/7 B-52 bomber …………fish seeker, looks like.

Tally to date……… 4 BIG sheepshead, one BIG silver bass.

NO walleye or trout.

THEY say, the pickerel are in 75 foot waters ( about 15 miles out)…….

I gotta wait til they come to the 60 ft zone ( 6 or 7 miles out).

The dream day is when you wake up and there’s NO wave noise, then you go to the pier and see a mirror as far as you can see! 

Then you drive full tilt for a half hour, and start to troll.

The lake is a wonderful place……totally quiet and awesome.

With the most awesome thing, Monarch butterflies fluttering above the waves……lots of them. 

And sometime soon……….even the smallest walleye!

Why can’t they do this here? 

This little baby makes LOADS of hot water………enough for the kitchen, bath, shower all at once! 

Had the old heater burn out, and replaced it with this unit made in Florida. Easy to install, works on demand, and takes dryer rated hydro. And inexpensive as well.

The casita will never be the same! 

Hydro re-do

Got the hydro re routed underground to the house. Lots of mess for a day or two. Once it was done, we rebuilt the driveway as well.

Three days left……

In paradise. Wonderful weather, hot afternoons with nice mornings, and calm beautiful evenings. 

Done a lot of planting, making shelves and hanging pictures and things. Electrical work with lights, planning the next project…….

Mot-mots and oropendulas at the bird table. Out of the ordinary, really. 

Going to a garage sale in the morning, then some upkeep on the casita, then maybe fishing for an hour or two. We’ll see……