Got my friend Alexis to build what I drew up for a bar b que.    NAILED IT! 

Burgers this week, I am extatic about this….

Thinking about the next projecto…….

Lookin’ forward……

To working at MWG in March……..after a trip to Tronadora, Costa Rica. Got to check out the large palm tree I planted last trip. 

Still renovating, and now we have a furnace! We got rid of the gas fireplace, and some other non essentials, and are currently framing walls in the main living room. Plans to build a “bunkie” in the rear yard this spring to house visitors, and also a bit more work to do on the boat to ready it for perch season. 

Kaffe, coffee, cafe, ……..

I am a producer of coffe! A year ago I planted a coffee bush for good luck, and this time visiting, it has berries!  Crack them open and a blonde bean emerges. They are mostly ripe right now, so I think a drive to the Monteverde ( through the Tilaran coffee region) this weekend to see the harvest, is in order. 

More action and updates

…..on the new place. Bell guy laying in new phone lines….Directional boring machine……neat equipment. Just thought of another “directional boring machine”…..this blog! Waterproofing the crawlspace area.

First test

…..of the new grading. It poured rain last night, and the slope seems to have performed well. Everything drains to the road and to the storm drain away from the house……..as it should. 

New windows and new crawlspace coming this month. Back driving at RQ, from a months hiatus. 

Leaves are dropping, slowly exposing the lake view. Each day we are gaining space inside with things finding their place. Plan to construct a closet for clothes today and tomorrow. With an airbus run to Toronto