Road Trip

… the itch to go for a ride today, so went about 40 minutes away to Liberia. 35 degrees and sunny out, walked about the town and looked at building material and appliance stores. Got some gator Aid, as it was oppresive heat…. We came back home and had some lunch and talked with Michelle the owner of the property. Learning quite a bit about the building process. Yesterday we went with Alex the surveyor and saw houses built by the guy who will be building the casita. Quality product, and neat places all. Gotta see the builder and lawyer on Tuesday to ink the deal and get things going. Tomorrow we are gonna go to the Tenorio volcano and hike to the Rio Celeste for a picnic. Adios…..

Hiking the Volcan Tenorio

Saturday, went north and hiked the park trails at Tenorio. The Rio Celeste winds through, eminating from the rock near the summit and then northward. Few hikers on the trails which were VERY steep and difficult to negotiate, for an old guy! 🙂
Hard to envision the scale here, but the falls are at least as high and as wide as the courthouse. Absolutely nobody there but me sitting on the rocks, listening to the thunder. The colour is bright blue all along the river, from minerals within the volcano. The water is cool, with spots like small pools that are thermal and quite hot. Neat place!