Random shots of the Casita

The municipal guys fixing the lane

indoor laundry facility

Alexis (ladder),  Ventura  (red cap)  and Enrique install the curtain rods

Ventura, who is a welder by trade installs the door screening

a better inside pic….the laundry dries quick from the breeze through the windows…

back space looking s/w

back space looking south

back space looking s/e

mmmmmoooooo….that new grass looks good!

The neighbour lawn cutters……

kitchen at night……

The casita is finished!  A few more furnishings and it will be ready to receive guests and renters. Here are some random shots taken last week.

Roofing time

                                                In these shots you can see the ceiling and roof rafters going in.  The fellow in the last photo with the white shirt is my accountant, Sr. Barrantes. Looks like the weather is still holding by the view in pic # 2.  The floor gravel is in as well, and the floor should be poured soon.

Cabina Construction Photos – Window Frames

 April 2nd…….   More and more cement work accomplished this week. A few minor “tweaks” to be made regarding windows, but all in all shaping up to plans. It’s hard to judge the scale from the pics as they turn out somewhat compressed when uploaded to the blog. I don’t know how to rectify this yet. Next week should produce some photos from the other sides of the casita.

Start of the casita!

Today, the builder staked the location of the casita, and construction is set to begin on Monday morning. The weather is awesome these last few days, and it will be hard to leave the heat. Spent most of the day getting accounts set up at the bank, (hours of paperwork….really).  Tomorrow, plan to explore Betsys farm and forest behind my place, and then spend some time with her and David in the afternoon for some brown pops.
Saw some toucans yesterday in the trees at the front of this casita, very colourful birds with unique flight habits.