Some friends at breakfast in Nueva Arenal

Cristina Glass, Betsy and David Whyte at “Patricks” place for breakfast in Arenal. Christina is a cattle rancher and the Whytes own the land surrounding my place.                                                                                                            

Thursday in Monteverde

….and I am on my way to the Monteverde area for a check out of whats available. Stopped for breakfast in Tilaran, beautiful day out! Met a retired Dutch couple (accountant and she a social worker), assisted them in acquiring internet and coffees, etc, then gave directions to Fortuna. Feel like a local! LOL…..Woke up to the growling of Howler monkeys (bongos) right behind the cabina. Scary until you figure out they are in the trees and just passing through. Tons of birds singing as well. Anyway, still trying to add pics to this site……computer illiterate at times.