New Years Eve

……lots of snow on the ground in Port Stanley. Quiet Christmas with the kids, no travelling! 

Mo is getting ready to go to Florida with Carly for a vacation, mother daughter time! Ill be doing some plumbing and stuff while theyre away. Lots of birds at the feeder out back… can just barely see the “ Momaid” weathervane on the roof……    :)


……is the word. Not posted for about a year now. All is progressing amazingly well with Carly, well on the road to her future. Still renovating the house, with a new roof coming this month or next.

Poor year for boating as Lake Erie has been rough most days this summer. Still hoping for some fall fishing this month. 


I don’t want to jinx things, but I can say that it has been almost seven months of very positive and amazing recovery for Carly. Each day brings more unbelievable and uplifting things into focus. She is one very amazing person. And so is her mother. I am witness to such a deep well of devotion and caring, the likes of which is rarely seen. A very positive and uphill journey for us all. 

Life upside down

One day you get a phonecall. Your life changes completely. Our daughter Carly was diagnosed with a brain tumour on December 3rd. 2015. She underwent a craniotomy on December 5th. Then a second surgery, and a third. And other “procedures”.

She is currently in ICU in hospital, waiting for her head trauma to settle down to allow further tests and procedures. Unable to leave the hospital, living in an antiseptic world.

Mo and I are living a bad dream. Wanting Carly to be ” normal” again. Hanging on each and every word the doctors give us. One day things are regular, the next they are upside down. And totally out of control.

I thank God that we live in an area with state of the art medicine. And with caring people working in the hospital, looking after Carly.

The last two months have been unbelievable. The next year will be a challenge for us all.