Arm fixed…..

And transferred to a second hospital. Rods and things holding the broken arm together. In recovery right now, not able to see people until tomorrow. Will see my dad tomorrow and find out what the next step is. 

Took Riley for a walk to the Fingal Wildlife Management Area. A former WW2 military training base which is now a managed wildlife zone. Wide open spaces for the dog to run free. …….and pretend to know what it is a retriever is supposed to be.   🙂 

Quiet evening at home tonight……


Got info from the hospital tonight that my dad is being moved overnight to another hospital and that surgery will occur tomorrow at some point. Will find out more in the morning. Feeling kind of off at this time…….

Thursday morning…..

Got to visit the hospital today to find out when my dad’s operation is gonna be. My aunt thinks he is “writing his own ticket” as he has a good chance at not surviving the surgery on his broken arm. Maybe….

Pay some bills, a bit of shopping perhaps for Christmas, ……..boring stuff. I was gonna say boring shit, but something always stops me from using crude language. Don’t know why, or if I should just write exactly what comes to mind……


…….is the eventual outcome. But first an operation to palliatively repair a broken arm. The medicos say he may succumb to the operation, but if not, then his arm will be much more comfortable for the duration of his life. Due to be repaired in a few weeks……

Morning time

……horrible nights sleep. Have a meeting today at the hospital to decide the future of my dad. Don’t know what to expect, or where he will end up. Unable to go home, so he really is at the mercy of those in the know at the hospital. 


……..unable to sleep, but also unable to think of something worthy to write about. Planning a basement work shop, to work wood. Figuring out the needed tooling, and electrical requirements as well. 

Feeling out of sorts as my father is hospitalized now permanently with terminal illness. One of those times in life that have to be “ridden out”……..

You know they are coming, but when they arrive they are trying times indeed. Been down this road before, so not a total surprise as to how things unfold. 


……and mom’s home again. The dog is ecstatic.    Lots of Christmas stuff in bags hidden here and there. Got the outside lights up this weekend as well.  The shed out back looks like Santas house…..

Sunday morning……

And not to much stirring in Port Stanley. Overcast with light rain in the forecast. Mo is away with her friends on their girls weekend for Christmas shopping. Just the dog and I. And the dog’s not talking…..