December looming………

…..and Christmas is coming. The harbour has the Christmas lights up, and many homes in the village as well. Met my friends Skow and Bill Chowen at Chapters the other day. I miss the old days when we went for beers after work. Health and life problems seem to get in the way. Mo is in the states for the weekend shopping in Pennsylvania with her friends. Crowds of ambulatory credit cards!
I am beginning a campaign to promote the casita in Costa Rica by means of,, and business cards for
Like to get the place rented in the winter, or at least occupied….by people interested in what Costa Rica has to offer.
Got a short length cast iron bathtub for the lower bathroom, just gotta refurb it and do the install….
Amanda is busy with her design stuff in Toronto, living the life…..
Dreaing about a tug boat for next year.
21 ft, red hull…….
I am in a lull on the Reno front, nothing for December, both bathrooms scheduled for January or February.
Lookin at the new Honda 700cc m/c as well…..
My father has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and has the horizon ahead of him. Not an enjoyable journey for me and causing me some deep thought.
Anyway, more to come……and enough for now.